COM-PUB – Inflatable Irish Pub Giant Back Yard Portable Bar For Sale


Summer is usually peak bar-hopping season.

But with lockdowns still in place throughout much of the world, you might be hesitant to leave your home for a drink, despite wanting the satisfaction of a bar night.

Luckily, Inflatable Pub, a company that specializes in inflatable fun for adults, offers a solution.


Inflatable.Pub makes blow-up bars, pubs, taverns, and saloons (some of which it says can fit over 50 guests) to offer the fun of a bar without the added effort of leaving the house. And as you can probably tell from the photos, Inflatable.Pub’s products are fairly large — a small pub is 14 by 14 feet — so you’ll need to make sure your yard has space before you order.

Available on backorder